Using the Online Training Platform

Welcome to the Online Training Platform for the GRESB Real Estate and Infrastructure Assessments. The courses are designed to walk you through the Assessments, including content material and practical tips & tools.

Who should follow this course

We advise anyone working on a GRESB Real Estate or Infrastructure Assessment submission to enroll for this course. If you are an account manager and have colleagues who will assist with various parts of the submission, we encourage you to have them complete relevant course sections. For example, people working on data submission in the Real Estate Assessment may find it useful to complete the lessons on “Reporting Application – Performance Component” and “Asset Level Portal”.

Experienced submitters

We recommend you go through the entire course as a refresher, but you may want to concentrate on:

  • Practical Information
    • Assessment Cycle Timeline
    • GRESB Partners, which links you to our Partner Directory
    • Contacting GRESB: GRESB contact form
    • Resources, where you can find all guides that have been published for 2021
  • Live Q&A’s where you can enroll for our live webinars
  • 00. 2021 Assessment Changes
New to GRESB
  • The entire course

Following the course

The sections can be followed in any order and the course can be completed at your own pace. You can and should return to relevant sections as often as needed. When you have completed a lesson, you can use the “Mark as Complete” button at the bottom of the course window in order to keep track of your progress. The course outline can be found on the left-hand side of your browser and can be used to navigate the course if you don’t want to follow it linearly.


The first 3 sections of the courses contain background information about GRESB and other practical information you may want to refer to throughout the course and the reporting period, like Assessment Timeline and a collection of important resources, like Reference Guides.

Numbered sections have Assessment content. Lessons in these sections will consist of a lesson overview and a video walking you through the material, along with relevant resources, like slides, documents or links, or contain other relevant informational content. These can be found under the “Materials” tab at the top of a lesson.

Live Q&A webinars

A series of live Q&A webinars will be held to provide additional support to participants.